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Super Jute Mills Ltd.is the 3rd. largest Jute Spinning Mill in Bangladesh. Super Jute Mills Ltd. started its journey in 2007 with the production capacity of 60 metric tons per day. Within five years Super Jute Mills Ltd has increased the production capacity to 120 metric tons per day. Super Jute Mills Ltd exports jute yarn all over the world. Since its inception it has been maintaining quality, commitment & best service to the buyer. Hence within 6 years its production reached to double. Following the chain success Super Jute and “Super Group”, a Tannery named “Superex Leather Ltd.” has been established in 2014, which is the largest tannery in Southeast Asian region.

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Our Company Strengths

This means that the company is equipped with the necessary resources, infrastructure, and expertise to efficiently manufacture jute products.

Best Prices

When you choose Super Jute Mills, you can rest assured that you're getting the best value for your money and that your satisfaction is our top priority.

Best Quality Raw Jute

We are delighted to offer you our superior-quality raw jute. Our raw jute is meticulously handpicked and selected, ensuring that each strand is of the highest quality and standard.

Skilled Team

Super Jute Mills is a top-performing company in the jute industry. It boasts a dedicated and skilled team of individuals who consistently strive for excellence.

Strong Brand Image & Equity

Having a strong brand image and equity is fundamental and essential for the success of any business or organization. It is crucial to establish a brand identity that resonates with customers and creates a lasting impression.

Eco Friendly Factory

Welcome to our eco-friendly factory! We are extremely proud to be an environmentally conscious company, dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to the sustainability of our planet.

Production Capacity

120 M.Tons Production Capacity Per Day. Own transport facilities Uninterrupted power supply

Founder's Journey

In 1977, in the heart of Fultala, Khulna, a tale of ambition unfolded as Mr. Firoz Ahmed embarked on a business journey armed with just 300 taka. Mr. Firoz Ahmed's story is one of unwavering perseverance. As the eldest of five sons in a family where his father, Mr. Abdul Khalek Bhuiya, faced constant financial challenges while working as a laborer, Mr. Firoz Ahmed experienced scarce meals and distant dreams of savings. In 1988, Mr. Firoz Ahmed leased a clay brick kiln in Fultala for 80,000 taka, marking the beginning of his remarkable ascent. Fast forward to 2006, he established "Super Jute Mills Ltd." near Fultala Bazar, with an investment of approximately 45 million taka, providing employment to nearly a thousand workers. In 2016, Mr. Firoz Ahmed ventured into "Superex Leather Limited '' in Fultala Upazila, Khulna, with an investment of around 700 crore taka. This colossal tannery processes 80,000 square feet of leather daily and handles hides from thousands of cows and goats, ranking among the nation's largest. Mr. Firoz Ahmed's journey is a testament to unwavering determination and a commitment to equitable treatment for all.

Company Facts

Jurte is an incredibly useful and sustainable material that has a significant impact on global industries and economies.


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