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Tax causing a headache? We’ll answer your every question.

Self assessment tax returns shouldn’t leave your brain in a muddle, so let us make it easy.

Can’t tell your capital gains from your inheritance tax? Not sure where to start when it comes to pension contributions? Not sure what payments on account means?

We know the tax system can be an extremely confusing subject, and one that not everyone has the time to understand or research.

Therefore, our tax accountants are on hand to offer one to one tax advisory calls to answer all of your questions to put your mind at ease and help you make sense of your taxes.

Can we help you?

No matter what your query is, our team of tax professionals will have the answer
to any of your tax related issues.


Would I be better off registering as a LTD company or remain as a sole trader?

How do I register for

Capital gains tax

I’ve recently sold a property, do I need to pay capital gains tax?

What is the capital gains
tax rate?

Foreign income

I have moved to the UK and believe I now need to pay tax

I currently live in another country but earn money in the UK, do I need to pay tax?

Personal tax-planning

How can I be more tax efficient?

I am planning to save for my future and my children, how can I do this efficiently?

Pension contribution

I contribute a lot to my pension, have I gone over the annual allowance?

Can I use my pension to reduce my tax-liability?

Rental income

How does tax work on rental/property income?

Are there any expenses that can qualify?

General queries

I have had a letter saying I owe tax, can you check my tax bill?

What is classed as an untaxed income?

Want to book a virtual meeting?

Looking to book a meeting at a time suitable for you? Drop us an email at info@taxify.co.uk with an outline of your queries and we will get back to you and pair you with one of our tax accountants.

Already a client?

If you are already a client, you will already have a delegated tax accountant who should be able to answer any of your queries.

Therefore, please let us know who your accountant is when contacting us to book a meeting and we will ensure you are paired with your usual accountant.

What happens then?

Once the call is booked, you will receive a link to join the call. You will then be able to use this time to discuss any tax issues with your tax accountant.

After the call, you will receivea written summary, so you have every detail and don’t have to worry about forgetting anything.